Service Delivery

Studies have shown that better patient outcomes result from the involvement of specialty physicians at the onset of emergency care.

Here’s What You Can Expect from Our Service

When a patient arrives in need of acute care, or if you have a patient in need of critical care, your emergency department physicians simply call our operations center.

Within minutes, one of our specialists is engaged and working with your physicians to provide a quality specialty teleconsultation.

During the consultation, our specialists offer a consistent level of clinical excellence by employing the most current evidence-based treatment protocols from organizations such as the American Heart Association, American Stroke Association and National Stroke Association.

At the conclusion of each consultation, all medical information and consultation reports are forwarded to your facility.

It’s important to note that you retain control of all patient care, both in the emergency room and during follow-up. These are your patients. Our mission is to provide the expertise of our specialists—when you need it most—to help you deliver the best possible outcomes.

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