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The Consult Coordination Center (CCC) serves as the foundation of Specialists On Call. Operating 24/7 in Reston, Virginia, the CCC provides immediate access to highly-qualified specialty physicians for over 350 hospitals across the country.

Consult Coordination Center

Expert Support

Composed of multiple Consult Coordinators, Dispatchers, Nurses and Supervisory personnel with extensive experience in healthcare and both emergent and clinical health, the CCC provides expert resources that bring clinical knowledge and a vital sense of urgency in expediting processes and improving the quality of information delivered to our specialists prior to consult.

Consult Coordinators

  • First point of contact upon service initiation
  • Collects vital information such as patient and hospital demographics
  • Ensures hospital and physician readiness (both audio & video), as well as the availability of any patient images


  • Receives and prioritizes emergency and routine consultations from clinical facilities
  • Monitors and maintains the EMR to quickly prioritize and assign consults
  • Identifies physician and confirms licenses and privileges
  • Confirms telemedicine cart connection


  • Each nurse has a minimum of 5 years nursing experience in Critical Care, ER and/or progressive care unit
  • Primarily responsible for obtaining the patient’s demographics and preparing the patient for the consult
  • Identifies expected outcomes for each interaction during the consult and involves other health care providers in making patient care decisions
  • Assists in monitoring medication administration

The CCC Team is led by the Senior Director of Consult Center Operations, supported by a team of Managers and Supervisors. Together, the CCC management team fosters an operations-driven, clinical environment with high standards of conduct, performance, and professionalism deserving of the largest virtual hospital in the country.

Our team remains accessible 24/7 to support SOC’s mission of delivering exceptional telemedicine solutions to our clients.



Over 400 hospitals use SOC to run profitable telemedicine programs.