Managed Services

Build a telemedicine program your way, with SOC’s turnkey 24×7 platform

There are many obstacles along the road to telemedicine success. SOC has built and refined a technology platform that is designed to be your hospital’s turn-key telemedicine solution without the delays, risks, or expense of building it yourself.

Choose the components you need with SOC’s flexible Managed Services solutions. Interested in using your physicians or your carts? No problem.

Our clients can rapidly deploy a proven and scalable telemedicine capability over our Telemedicine Operations Platform to include:

  • Call Center Management and Intake Automation
  • Video Technology Services
  • Clinical Documentation and EMR Integration
  • Physician Scheduling and Dispatch
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Reporting and Analytics

You can now build the telemedicine program you want, by choosing only the components you need, all from a single partner.

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